Learn All You Need To Get Your Cocos Creator Game On Facebook

2019.7.31 Tutorials by COCOS

Facebook Instant Games is officially open worldwide

Earlier this year, Facebook officially announced that they were opening the Instant Games Platform to all developers. You can read up the announcement here.


For global HTML5 game developers, this is one of the largest gaming platforms in the world, and everyone has a fair chance to enter the platform and have success.

Cocos started cooperating with Facebook at the end of 2016 to help developer’s games onto the new platform. Not only did we assist in the adaptation of their technology with our engine technology, but we also helped launch several Chinese HTML5 games onto the site, generating considerable advertising revenue.

At the official launch of Facebook Instant Games on March 14th, 2018, there were 24 games built by Chinese developers for the Facebook Instant Games platform, of which 13 were using the Cocos engine, accounting for more than half of the total.  Now, there are hundreds of games powered by Cocos Creator launched on the Facebook platform. We are honored that the strength of our engine has been recognized by game developers and platform vendors in China and beyond.

Cocos Creator supports Facebook Instant Games

Some time ago, many domestic and foreign developers asked us, when will your engine support Facebook Instant Games? Our reply is, we have already done it, we have lots of games on the platform.

Today, Cocos Creator’s main tasks for Instant Games development include:

•        Improved integration with the Facebook Instant Games SDK and automatic initialization that quickly integrate with the API inside Facebook Instant Games.

•        Provides a one-click packaging process in the Cocos Creator build panel so that your package meets Facebook Instant Games technical specifications

Cocos Creator has integrated with the Facebook Instant Games workflow. As shown in the following figure, a game developed using Cocos Creator for Facebook Instant Games can automatically export to the Facebook Instant Games technical standard. If you are working on a game and want it to be a part of Facebook Instant Games, there is an option in this drop-down menu.


1. Where can I download Cocos Creator?

Cocos Creator Download: (Win/Mac) https://www.cocos.com/en/creator

2. Where is the technical documentation for adding the Facebook SDK into my game?

Start here for more information. https://docs.cocos2d-x.org/creator/manual/en/publish/publish-fb-instant-games.html

3. Where will my game be played? Only on the Facebook app?

Not only the Facebook app, but it can also be played on the Messenger app, and on Facebook’s website from the browser.

4. What tips can you give me to make my game big on Facebook?

Facebook is a huge social platform, so the game design must emphasize social. So designing your game with high social interactions is one of the most basic requirements for users.

Secondly, make sure your game is highly competitive for the audience you are building for. The best Facebook games allow you to compete with yourself or others like friends and family.

Facebook has become a platform that cannot be bypassed for many developers. Whether you are in the final stage of your game or just starting and want to enter Facebook, try our documents, or you’re welcome to contact us. Email us at Marketing@cocos.com



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