Garbage Classification – A Game That Helps Players Learn About Recycling

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Edutainment games have always tried to give people a little bit of knowledge while playing a fun game. We’ve progressed from the early years of “Oregon Trail,” and “Number Munchers” and many developers are bringing this genre back by using your mobile phone.

A few years ago, people didn’t care much about where you put your trash. With more cities in the world starting to push people to organize their trash, the “garbage classification” regulations suddenly landed in Shanghai, making some residents go crazy trying to understand the new rules.

One card game producer took the opportunity and made their own card game to help teach people.

A game developer took it further with a VR game:

But you can understand all you need to know about trash classifications in under 10 minutes, thanks to a small mini game created with Cocos Creator.

Garbage Classification” is a game developed by Shanghai Youzu using the Cocos Creator engine. The developers built the game for free, with no advertising within the game as a public service to the city, as well as helping everyone keep their city cleaner.

The “Garbage Classification” game arranges the garbage generated by the four common places around the city: households, kitchens, the street, and the office. Each come with their own level of difficulty to challenge the player.

The gameplay is straightforward. You need to organize the garbage appearing on the screen correctly before the time ends. You can drag garbage into the four trash cans available: hazardous waste, recyclables, wet garbage, and dry garbage. The faster you place the trash in the right garbage can, the better the high score.

There are only 6 levels in the game, each lasting only 60 seconds. That means, you only need 6 minutes to complete the game and you can easily remember the correct classification of garbage by the end. Believe me, if you played it two times, you’d never forget where things go.

Misclassification of garbage can cause significant problems, which not only cause environmental pollution but also more waste resources. To know more about why this happens, the game development team incorporates environmental knowledge into the game in the form of “tips.” You can share these tips with your friends and protect the environment together.

In addition to Shanghai, 46 major cities in China (such as Beijing) will gradually begin to implement mandatory waste sorting.

This game is a great way to learn about the trouble with our trash, the garbage emitted by humans to the environment, the harmful substances produced, circulating along the biological chain, and ending up back into our body in various ways, creating more issues for people in the future.

“Garbage Classification” is the first step to helping us improve our environmental ways in China. We welcome everyone to try and recommend this little game to your friends and play the game on WeChat!

If you have WeChat and would like to play this game, scan the QR code below:



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