Creator v2.0.10 Patch Version Released

After the release of v2.0.10, we received some feedback from users, an issue mainly focusing on the input event. Since we are actively updating the future major versions, having failed to release v2.0.11 in time, delaying the development time of many of you, we want to apologize for this! We will continue to strive to provide developers with better service, and we hope this belated patch version will be satisfactory.

This update of v2.0.10 contains only a few bug fixes that have a significant impact on the user, no other changes have been introduced. More bug fixes and experience optimizations have been merged into v2.1.2. The v2.1 branch has undergone a six-month update iteration and is close to stabilization. We plan to reduce the intensity of subsequent maintenance in v2.0 and focus our efforts on subsequent development, aiming to make Cocos Creator a more focused, open and healthy open source platform.


v2.0.10-p.1(Windows | Mac

(This version was updated to the official website on July 22)


  • Fix hierarchical error about response of input events in individual cases [#4522] [#4710].
  • Fixed an error when compiling scripts using the command line.


Please choose v2.1.2 for newly-established projects. This version is primarily intended to serve v2.0 projects that are nearly complete.



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