Cloud Gaming is coming, and you can be a part of it with the help of Cocos and Huawei

2019.7.30 Official News by COCOS

Earlier this summer at the Global Game Conference on June 17, Cocos and Huawei officially announced a partnership to build a new cloud gaming solution. We covered this in-depth in China, but want to share with you what was discussed to give you a chance to be a part of the cloud gaming trend happening in China.

Why we chose Huawei?

Before we started our cooperation with Huawei, Cocos already had a complete solution for streaming cloud games. However, the uniqueness of Huawei’s technology changed everything. They provide self-developed and enterprise-class servers that are very compatible and complementary to Cocos technical solutions and give both of us a tremendous competitive advantage in Asia. Therefore, Cocos and Huawei established a joint project team at the end of 2018 to jointly develop a cloud gaming solution.

Currently, the Huawei cloud integration has already successfully completed their first goal, and Android games can run on the Huawei cloud servers. Huawei cloud servers are more reliable, scalable, and cost-effective compared to other services we researched and with the joint release of Cocos and Huawei Cloud, we have undertaken the research to make sure games run smoothly in a 4G environment.

Demo of our cloud gaming environment

Cocos Continues Leading Game Development

For those of you who have been using Cocos products for a long time, you might have thought: Why is Cocos taking the time to research and develop technology for cloud gaming?

Well, we’ve always been trying to improve our game development process by pushing today’s technology. It’s been our goal since the early days of Cocos!

With such a vast ecosystem of games being made with our products today, developers have pushed us to continue to grow to improve and solve the issues they have in game development. These problems have brought about a lot of new advances to the company.

  • In 2011, the Cocos2d-x engine pioneered mobile engines, allowing developers to build better games for your phone.
  • In 2012, we partnered with Google to create a Cocos2d-HTML5 engine.
  • In 2015, we launched Cocos Runtime, which accelerates HTML5 games.

Now, cloud gaming is our next big challenge. It’s a challenge to build technology that allows more massive games to be streamed directly to your phone. With the help of Huawei, we know we have an advantage and can help developers to succeed with the technology as well.

Cloud gaming is the future in entertainment

So what do we think of cloud gaming from the player’s point of view? After all, the evolution of all technologies still boils down to if it meets the needs of your players.

We feel as the technology progresses, people move to those that make it easier to use and can quickly get them the content that they want. In our industry, we progressed from physical storage to downloads, and now are pushing for gaming on the cloud as the new way to minimize issues gamers had with past technologies.

Recently, with the development of Cocos Creator’s 3D engine, we were researching the content size of certain games. We found we were hitting the same types of issues that early CD-based gaming consoles had in the past: Requests from the CPU and memory for lots of data that require long load times not only for the initial installation, but level changes, loading menus screens, updates, and more, making it impossible to enjoy a seamless experience.

The most unbearable thing about this is that some developers require a resource pack to be downloaded in the foreground after installation, making gamers wait for the download to complete. During all this, you can’t do anything else with your phone – some packs needing 2 hours of your time to finish downloading.

Therefore, we believe that cloud technology will gradually help mobile game markets by helping to resolve updates through remote gameplay from the developer’s server, allowing them to create quick updates on their end, and not on the players end.


Presently, Cocos has a few manufacturers making games with our cloud support such as the Chinese mobile games “Dragon Ball Awakening,” by Snail Games, “Immortal Mark” by ChineseALL, “Door of the Sky” by ksgame, and “The Gods Fought” by Legu Games and Tapen Technology.

With the help of Huawei cloud service’s joint development, Cocos is innovating to bring better solutions for the developer and their customers. Huawei Cloud will help us improve our research and development and jointly develop improvements in the global cloud gaming market, providing the best technology and content solutions for customers who want to build a cloud game ecosystem.

If you are interested in accessing the Cocos cloud gaming platform, please contact



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