Developer interview with San Heo of MAFGAMES.

2019.5.8 by COCOS

Tell everyone a bit about yourself and team.

Hi. I’m San Heo in MAFGAMES. We are Korean company. We making fun games with the Cocos engine.

When did you start using Cocos Creator?

Last December. We heard Cocos Creator can make Facebook Instant Games.

Which version of Cocos Creator did you start with?

Version 2.x

Do you develop your games using Cocos Creator? HTML5 or Native?

Creator : new project.. puzzle + sng
Cocos2d-x : We have two games.

Do you use JavaScript or Typescript?

Yes, We use Typescript.

If you are developing HTML5 games, where do you release your games and how is the income?

For Facebook Instant Games. $1~2 / Day. So we stopped making html5 game for a while.

Do you have any difficulties using Cocos Creator?

About in game. No. It is good for us. But 3rd party library is still not enough.

Do any of your friends use Cocos Creator?

I hope so.

How would you describe Cocos Creator in three words?

codeless, fast (for developing), GUI.

Do you know there are many famous and complex Chinese games powered by Cocos Creator?

Not yet. Please let me know.

Would you be willing to help promote Cocos Creator? Why or why not?

Yes. Because I want more developers using Cocos Creator.

Lastly, do you have any advice for either the Cocos Creator development team or those using Cocos Creator to make their games?

For starters: more video tutorial and 3rd party library like Ads, IAP, etc…integrated easily.

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